Disruption is something that brands have on their minds right now.

We were recently asked by a client what our philosophy was regarding disruption.

In practice disruption is an easy concept to grasp and we have all heard amazing stories where start-ups ‘break the internet’ with a new business model or Uber kills traditional taxi firms off in the stroke of a key. Sure. it happens and it’s mind-blowing when it does.

Mountains are there to be climbed and marketplaces are there to be disrupted right? Hmmmm… sometimes that’s the case. All too often though brands fall into the trap of convincing themselves it’s the marketplace that needs ‘a smack to the face’. They wonder why attempts to do this ‘fall flat on their face.’ Perhaps the market place is stable or saturated and is simply working the way it should and the way consumers want it to? The growth the brand is looking for may actually be found by internal self-disruption rather than the potential red-herring of marketplace disruption.

There’s a lot to think about when we have ‘just gotta disrupt things’ or ‘blow it all up’ for a client. With convention on the left and vision on the right you will quickly appreciate that disruption actually sits square in the middle of the campaign. There are also wide-ranging factors to consider including; cultural, responsive, relevance, political, polarisation and future landscapes. Then there is the technology or platform. Is this new tech for tech’s sake or will it actually make a difference? Can we come up with strong and bold new ideas to differentiate the brand from its competitors?

Get it wrong and the only thing getting disrupted this afternoon is your brand. So, what’s our philosophy on disruption? Well as a tactic for growth it goes something like this…

Disruption can be chaotic or controlled.
It can be used internally or externally.
It can create as many problems as it solves.
Ultimately disruption will only work if it stands for meaningful change.

Can we blow anything up for you today?

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