Wanted! Five Star Freelancers.

The gig economy is booming. Recent surveys estimate that there are nearly 5,000,000 freelancer workers in the UK alone and that number is growing exponentially. That’s nearly 10% of the population.

As of July 2019, the freelance market place is worth nearly £75,000,000 to the economy in terms of added value. Despite some of the doom and gloom surrounding Brexit, the future for freelancers with a global outlook looks promising. Here at Yorkshire Agency we see this as a golden opportunity and have become very good at harnessing the incredibly opportunity it affords us.

Our system allows us to match talent to projects and turnarounds to location. This is smart. It allows for work to be completed on a time-shift basis.

True story; Client: “Help! We need an advert creating for tomorrows conference in Leeds!” Us: “No problem. We’ll ask our designer Kim in New Orleans to jump on it now.” The work was done overnight and the client bought us a beer.


So, is everyone a freelancer these days?

Technically yes. Practically no. We’re fussy.

Here’s an example; Let’s say we are creating a new TV commercial for a client. They want a voice over. Easy, right?

Wrong. Every month we get hundreds of CV’s from voice over artists, their agents and occasionally eager parents. Someone, somewhere must have listed voiceover artist in a top ten list of ways to get rich quick. We listen to them all, catalogue them on our system and tag them so they can be located if required. But here’s the reality; Only about one in six hundred make it into our five star file… and from that talent pool we hire about four a year.


What are we looking for?

Simple. Exceptional talent. Our best guess is we typically only hire from the top 5% of any given sector.

If you’d put yourself in that category then we want to hear from you. We want to explore your work, understand the skills that make it brilliant and find ways of incorporating it into our advertising.

The first step is to submit your details below. They automatically go into our freelancer database and will be reviewed by an experienced creative professional. If it’s fabulous it will get the five star treatment and you’ll be hearing from us soon. 🙂


Which core disciplines are we interested in right now?

Please apply us if you are an expert in any of the following disciplines;

Software / Illustration / Photography / Copywriting / Graphic Design / Public Relations / WordPress / App Design / Business Development / Animation

(Currently we have no requirement for; Influencers / Recruitment / Life Coaches / Futurists)

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Freelancer Database All Fields Required

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